Earlier this week Netflix’s latest horror offering mesmerised and terrified audiences the world over. With a 91% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 9.1/10 IMDb rating, The Haunting of Hill House is one of the highest rated Netflix shows of the year. So if you’re a horror buff, you should get on the Hill House hype train ASAP.

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When you first watch the trailer, The Haunting of Hill House seems like just another horror story with the usual tropes and plot devices. When you start watching, however, you soon get sucked into the world of horror par excellence. And you soon realise why everyone’s obsessing over this brilliant show.

The show uses a popular horror trope where a haunted house is a legit character in itself. But the plot revolves around much more. From the social commentary on disparate gender roles in the 1950’s to the subtle psychological mindfuck each episode builds a genuinely terrifying universe.

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If you still think the show is not worth your time, here’s what Twitter has to say about this utter awesomeness.

Stop everything and watch this brilliance now! Happy Netflix and chills.