Note: Spoilers Ahead. Do not proceed if you haven't watched the show. 

The Haunting of Hill House is easily the scariest horror series of this generation. Admittedly, it doesn't depend on its jumpscares to terrify you. But boy oh boy, whenever they do, they scare the living hell out of you. 

1. Eyes of the Cat (Episode 2)

Source: Netflix

Shirley comes back to her room to realise that all her kittens are dead. To her relief, she finds one that was still breathing. Unfortunately and quite shockingly for her, it opens her eyes to reveal two horribly demonic eyeballs.

2. Ghoul Under the House (Episode 3)

Source: Netflix

After Theo lets Luke use the elevator downstairs, he gets stuck there. As the light from his torch begins to go off, he sees a ghoul approaching him. 

3. Come back to the Grave (Episode 7)

Source: Netflix

Luke kneels down at Nell's grave to tell her that he's sorry when he sees the Bent-Neck Lady as Nell towering over him. She shouts 'NO' as a decomposed Olivia grabs him from under the grave in an attempt to drag him down. 

4. Bloody Olivia (Episode 3)

Source: Netflix

We bear witness to how Theo's power of touch helps catch a child molester. As she sits outside the house waiting for the police, she is reminded of the time when her mother accidentally touched her as a child and a sudden vision of a bloody Olivia appears. 

5. Return of the Bent-Neck Lady (Episode 5)

Source: Netflix

The Bent-Neck Lady had haunted Nell since childhood. She used to appear when Nell went into sleep paralysis. Although, the hauntings had stopped after she got married. 

But as she is having another episode, unable to move, her husband drops dead and we see the Bent-Neck Lady standing next to the windows. 


6. When you see it (Episode 4)

Source: Netflix

The Hill House has a very old-fashioned intercom system. There are basically two trumpets connected via pipes in different rooms. Luke is talking to Nell through one of them as he suddenly sees the face of an old woman approaching him through the trumpet. 

7. Crawling Olivia (Episode 7)

Source: Netflix

Right after the Crains realise that Luke had stolen Shirley's wallet and Theo's car, Theo and her father, Hugh find the mutilated corpse of Olivia crawling towards them.

8. The Rehabilitation (Episode 4)

Source: Netflix

Luke suffers from betrayal as he waits for his brother while mourning Nell's death. He starts counting to seven as he feels the presence of William Hill, the tall, bowler-hatted owner of Hill House house, who had bricked himself up inside its walls.

Luke wait in despair as the ghost approaches him slowly. 

9. Falling through the Ages (Episode 5)

Source: Netflix

Nell's worst fear comes true in this scene. After she hangs herself, she realises that she the Bent-Neck Lady and her body dops on the noose throughout the timeline into every scene that we see the apparition haunting her and Luke. It mindfucks everything you thought you knew. 

10. The Angry Passenger (Episode 8)

Source: Netflix

A serious argument between Shirley and Theo on their way to the Hill House to save Luke is interrupted the angry ghost of Nell, who lunges forward screaming from the back seat of the car in order to stop them from fighting with each other. 

11. The Haunting of Steve's Kitchen (Episode 1)

Source: Netflix

Steve returns to his flat to see a stunned Nell standing in his kitchen. Which is when he gets a call from his father informing him of her death. 

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I'm sure you have a lot of scenes you think we missed out on. So let us know.