It's a question we've all asked ourselves. 

Lying in a bed at night. Driving to work. On a holiday. Running in the neighbourhood park. Hanging out with friends. Or simply, thinking about our lives.

Do we regret anything?

It's a heavy word. Loaded with our past. Filled with emotions. Potent with memories. Ones that are better best forgotten. 

But then, it's not a word we can run away from. 

Because just like love, when we least expect it, regret seeps into our lives and suddenly, things aren't the same anymore. 

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We're all trying to do things our way. 

The perfect job. The perfect relationship. The perfect house. That perfect holiday. Everything so perfect, it's almost impossible. 

But life isn't about perfection. Things rarely go as planned. And more often than not, it leaves you at a crossroad. 


This or that. Yes or no. There or somewhere. It's tough making these decisions. And there are plenty of such decisions to take. 

How can one always take the right ones? How can one not make a mistake?

And later, how can one not have a regret?

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An ex who broke your heart. Walked over your feelings. Left you all alone. The one you shouldn't have dated. The one you shouldn't have loved.

That job that didn't pay you enough. You slogged day after day. You put in your blood, sweat and tears. You gave it your all. The job you left because you couldn't take it anymore. 

That friend you lost. The one you knew since childhood. The one who had your back. The one you took for granted. The one you're partner didn't approve. The one you ignored. The one friend you let go. 

As a wise man once said: life is nothing but a sum total of our decisions. Good ones and bad. Right ones and wrong. 

The ones that leave you with happiness. And the ones that kill you with regret. 

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There's no reason to run away from it. 

You can't live a life and expect nothing to go wrong. Things won't happen just the way you like it. People will do things you don't want them to do. Changes will take place. You will experience it all. Love and heartbreak. Pleasure and pain. Friends and foes. Allies and enemies. 

You will take decisions and you will bear the consequences. 

You will look back with contentment. And you will look back with regret. 

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Can you lead a life of no regrets? 

Only if you choose to never follow your heart. If you choose to never take a stand. Make a choice. Take a decision. 

Because if you do, you will look back with either happiness or regret. And either of those two is fine!