If you're even slightly active on social media, you're probably already acquainted with the rather infamous remarks made by Justice Mahesh Chandra Sharma on the way peacocks mate. 

To quote the genius:

Chances are that you've been chuckling over the remark and sharing the post on your social media feeds. Perhaps, you've also talked about it with your friends over sutta and chai. You're also blaming your biology teacher for teaching you lies. 

Meanwhile, Google is probably confused why Indians are struggling to know more about peacock sex.

But, at this point of time, someone will just have to burst Justice Mahesh Chandra Sharma's bubble because as it turns out, peacocks do have sex. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, our national bird is not so 'pious' after all. Even the peacocks of this nation are having sex now. Kalyug must truly be here because according to Sciencing.com, this is how peacocks end up with kids:

Once a female selects a mate, the male perches on her back and aligns his tail over top of her own. Both peacock and peahen have the avian reproductive organ known as a cloaca, which transfers sperm in between partners. The peafowl align their cloacas and the male's sperm is transferred to the female, where it travels up the uterus to fertilize her egg through a series of muscular spasms. 

But this isn't the first time that an Indian at a reputed position has made such irrational comments without even batting an eyelid. There are more. 

This is exactly the kind of misinformation you believe when you learn 'Ladka ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte' from Bollywood.

Because these are the people running our nation! Statements like these coming from them only show where India is headed in terms of social progress. And the peacock remark by Justice Mahesh Chandra Sharma just goes on to show why we remain such a sexually regressive society. 

It isn't just him, it is all of us.

Advertisements for condoms make us so uncomfortable that we change channels as soon as it plays on TV. Our biology teachers bring us up on the steady understanding that the chapter on reproduction is to be read at home. Menstruating females disturb us so much that we prefer to keep them confined to their rooms during 'those' days. Over time, we come to shy away from our own bodily functions. 

The understanding that sex is something dirty, even though it is a bodily function, becomes culturally ingrained into our conscience.

Source: YouTube

This isn't healthy because it gives birth to a nation of adults who are curious and confused about their own sexual health. 

We're misinformed about something as basic as sex because we're taught that it is dirty. And this kind of immaturity is the reason we hear bizarre statements like peahens getting pregnant by drinking the tears of a peacock. I'm sure we all have such funny and false understandings of biology but these misunderstandings stem from curiosity.

We're not sixth grade kids anymore but our sexual understanding isn't a day older 

We're scared to go buy condoms to protect ourselves from STDs. We're made to feel dirty about pre-marital sex but forced to give birth to babies the moment we get married. We're more scared of visiting a doctor with our sexual issues than the issue itself. 

All because we've been made to believe that sex is dirty. If you do it, then you're not 'pious'. You may even have kids but then, we'll just assume you conceived babies by drinking your partner's tears. You're ready to challenge the world of science just so you won't have to acknowledge the fact that you're a sexual creature.

Nothing sums it up better than Devdutt Pattanaik does:

"Beware of a land where celibate men decide what is good sex.”