Unfortunately, hitting the gym isn’t an option nowadays and since everyone is at home, binging on TV shows and food, health becomes a concern. 

Not to worry, here are 11 cardio workouts that will help you out:

1. Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks are fun and classic way to exercise. You can either do a high number of jumping jacks at a slow pace or a low number of jumping jacks at a fast pace. 

2. Running stairs

Since you cannot go outside, using stairs for your cardio workout is a great idea. While climbing on the stairs, you challenge gravity and that burns twice the fat in half the time than running. 

3. Burpees

This cardio exercise not just burns the body fat but works out entire body as well.

4. Crab walk

Crab walk is fun-to-do exercise and it will help you burn the fat in your abdominal area and thighs. It also increases the body’s elasticity, making you flexible.

5. Jump rope

Everyone’s favourite, jump rope is very efficient if you want to lose weight. It also improves your hand-body coordination.

6. Bicycle crunches

This exercise is perfect if you are looking for more toned and firm abs.

7. Speed skater lunge

This fast and quick cardio exercise helps in bringing your heart rate up and improves stability and balance.

8. Spot jogging

As the name suggests, spot jogging is jogging while standing in a place. Since you can’t go outside, this is a good alternative.

9. Toe taps

This exercise targets your lower body. You can also do this exercise on your stairs.

10. Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers exercise targets your full body and is a total-body workout. It also helps you to burn calories fast and helps you to lose weight.

11. Jump squats

This fat burning workout is amazing. It’s easy, quick and fun.