Coronavirus has shown us a lot about the world. While some of it hasn't been particularly great (look up Covidiots) there are a few stories that prove that people do look out for each other, even in the worst of times.

There are some heroes around us who are still carrying the flame of humanity.  

Prepare for a dose of faith restoration.

1. Dad is quarantined, so the son comes every day and they talk via mobile  

2. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively donated 1 million dollars   

3. Rooftop Workout Session by a trainer in Spain 

4. Shop in Scotland gives away essentials for free to Elderly Adults 

5. ICU Valves via 3D Printing 

6. Corona Fighters from China off to continue the fight in Italy 

7. A woman found toilet paper hung on her door. 

8. Instead of booze a distillery manufactured hand sanitizers and gave it away for free 

9. Goddess in Uniform, Nurse of Iran 

10. Granddaughter telling Grandpa about her engagement  

11. Real Heroes wear Stethoscopes . 

12. Family giving out free toilet paper to the needy . 

13. Woman buys groceries for a stranger . 

14. Chinese doctors celebrate the closing of Wuhan’s last temporary hospital. 

15. Ms. Chen of Wuhan hid 65 abandoned pets. 

16. Sanitizers placed at random places by ‘not so common’ man 

17. Be Like Rebecca! 

18. Asiyah and Jawad of Scotland gave away free masks and sanitizers worth 2000 pounds. 

19. Supermarket for the elderly 

20. Jack Ma donated masks and test kits to America 

21. She offered to help the elderly neighbours 

22. A little kindness can work wonders 

23. Food table for anyone in need 

24. This girl is making soaps at her home for home 

25. A free library transformed to free pantry

Source: Bored Panda