In association with ONEPLUS

Sometimes we tend to take so many of our daily abilities for granted, that we get wrapped inside this small bubble of normality. Not by our fault, but we tend to become oblivious to the world outside this bubble and what life is like for others. Have you wondered what life would look like if you bled green and seasons always looked like Autumn? Yeah, we’re talking about colour blindness. To raise awareness about the same, OnePlus decided to jump in this Holi and partnered with a colour-blind photographer, Kilian Schönberger, to show everyone what the world looks like from the lens of a person who exists on the other end of the spectrum. Deuteranopia and Protanopia (red-green colour blindness) affect 98% of those with the condition. So we decided to show you guys what people affected with colour blindness see. For starters, take this:

The brand augmented its Instagram posts to simulate the POV of a person with the condition. And honestly, we love it. Here are 5 photos clicked by Schönberger on OnePlus 11 5G. Wait for 5 seconds to see the colours you’ve known all your life from a unique perspective.






OnePlus also came up with a beautiful film that showcases Kilian Schönberger’s journey. Check it out here and get ready to be amazed!