Period cramps are the worst. And to work while having such bad cramps is nothing short of heroic. And a lot of women do that. They pop pain meds, use hot water bottles, try various sitting positions and somehow make it through the day.


This woman was doing the same, but instead of being left alone she got reported to the HR. 


She shared her experience on a parenting forum called Mumsnet, and reading what ensued, we can only say that is was horrible. This is what happened: 

First off, what is this absurd rule? 

Guy sure seems like a prick. 

Guy also seems to have a big mouth. 

How are period cramps a ‘medical problem’?  

Guy also seems to have double standards! Whatte guy, Guy! 

We hear you, girl! 

Guy needs to get his head out of the cloud. Dear Guy, women menstruate. 


Other users on the forum supported her and, quite rightly, wanted to give Guy a piece of their mind. 

Guy, we’re pretty sure there are guys like you lurking in our offices as well. Oblivious to what it takes to work on one’s periods and completely unaware of the fact that they are reeking misogyny. Our word of advice – Grow up!