We often mistake burnouts to be just another tiring phase. And we end up ruthlessly ignoring the side-effects that an unbalanced life throws our way. Here are a few warning signs that you’re not exhausted; you’re burning out.  

1. An ongoing feeling of tiredness or exhaustion, be it mental, physical or emotional is a sign of burnout. 

2. Lack of motivation towards your work when every other external factor is alright is a sign of burnout. 

3. Negative emotions, if experienced in unusual circumstances, can be a quiet plea that you are indeed burning out.  

4. Another sign of burnout? You are indulging in conflicts with other people at home and in the office more frequently. 

5. You fail to see the purpose, or point of anything. For you nothing makes sense and there is zero sense of accomplishment.

6. Continuous health issues like headaches, lingering colds etc. can be a hidden sign of burnout.