Our body is one amazing mechanism. It indicates us about everything that is happening within and outside of our bodies; be it mental, emotional, or physical. Somehow, all three are connected. 

If a person is chronically sad for over a long period of time, it shows on their body, physically. 

1. Sadness can make you feel low on energy and constantly tired all day.  

2. People who are sad tend to speak in a slow and sluggish manner. 

3. Sadness may lead to frequent pain in the body, mostly in the head, neck, and back. 

4. A person who is experiencing extreme sadness may eat more or eat less, both affecting the body in a bad way.

5. Sadness often causes altered sleep. You may feel over sleepy or may not feel sleepy at all.

6. A person with negative thoughts in her/his mind walks slower than usual. Such a person also drags her/his feet all the time. 

7. Sadness can result in dark circles under the eyes and can make your face look dull.