According to our parents, any problem/stress in our life can easily be solved only if we woke up early. and gave up on being night owls. And in a similar vein, morning birds often tend to proclaim how they have their life together only because they start their day earlier than most people.

Numerous influencers and self-diagnosed productivity gurus often take to social media platforms and claim that waking up and starting their day early changed their lives. And more often than not, it comes across as contempt to night owls. Now, it honestly does not depend on who wakes up when. What matters is how you choose to make the 24 hours as productive as you can.


We found a thread on Reddit where Redditors shared how morning people often think they are superior to night owls and the answers are funny and also relatable.

1. “None of this matters in the big picture in life. Getting good sleep 7-8 hours is more important health-wise, later in life.” – chai-means-tea


2. “I have been on both sides of this, so I can understand what you mean. However, let’s be honest, both parties make fun of the other side. Night owls say morning people are boring since they have an early night. As long as one is getting their work done and are having the sort of fun they like having, I don’t even see the point of this prejudice.” – Strong-Extension-976

3. “IDK man, I am sleeping all the time. I’m an afternoon person!” – Horror_Primary_4405

4. “AQI is the best in the morning if you want to take a walk or jog outside.” – centerfree

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5. “I am a person who used to wake up early, like 5 AM, in my childhood. Now I sleep at, like, 2 AM. During my college, I used to sleep at 4-5 AM. The truth is, it doesn’t matter as much. In the past few years, the lives of people changed completely with easy accessibility to digital devices. Now it’s more important to just get a “good long sleep” rather than worrying about sleeping early or late TBH.” – ShredderCr

6. “I’ve been a night owl since school. To all of those saying that ‘night owls suffer more mental health issues/health issues’, f*** you. I like the comfort that the night brings, I am the most productive then. I like the silence and the solitude and the fact that I can be myself. It’s like a few ‘me hours’ every night! I absolutely love it.” – selflovehaha

7. “I am an Indian bahu. I always get taunts from my husband and my in-laws for being a night owl! They wonder what I do on Reddit till 1 AM. LOL.” – lycralily

8. “And then there’s me. Sleeping by 10, waking by 7, and also taking afternoon naps.” – cancunbeast

9. “I am a night owl. And I am more productive at night than at any time of day. But I do make sure I sleep, at least, 8 hours a day.” – no1bullshitguy


10. “I am a night owl and I think morning people are special. Because it’s so hard to do it. I can be awake all night easily. All we need is a distraction. But waking up at 5 AM, when we are in deep sleep, is the most difficult and disciplinary thing one can do.” – kingcobra0411


11. “I’ve been saying this for years. Early risers are so smug and they are like ‘it’s 5 AM and I’ve already worked out and sent emails’. Bro, no one is replying to you until 12 PM anyway, chill.” – kyeva87

12. “I do agree nights are more fun, but we have to respect our body’s natural way of functioning. Working or doing something at night should be much more occasional rather than permanent.” – Why_Uddhav

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And finally, this answer that takes the cake.

13. “I think both are pathetic since they can’t compete with me who doesn’t sleep.” – Disastrous-Tax5423

Which team are you on – morning person or a night owl?