Beard dandruff is dandruff on your beard that is demonic and can hard to get rid off. However, these 5 home remedies can save your mane without exposing it to harmful chemicals. 

1. Exfoliating your beard mildly with baking soda can remove dandruff from the beard easily. 

2. Applying aloe vera gel on the beard thrice a week can show you some amazing results when it comes to beard dandruff. 

3. Applying a mixture of lemon juice, honey, and water can protect you from the advanced effects of beard dandruff.  

4. Increasing your water intake will naturally keep the skin under your beard moist which will eliminate the toxins that lead to dandruff.

5. Diluting aspirin in water and washing the beard with it can work as an anti-dandruff solution. 

These are the basic solutions that can help cure early stages of beard dandruff. In case this doesn’t vanish, consult a dermatologist.