A bhang hangover is a bit of a debatable concept. Some folks fall into a blissful sleep and wake up refreshed and energised, while others experience headaches, nausea and general unease. Heck, sometimes people don’t even have to wait until the next day, as they end up getting into a bad headspace after consuming bhang

Here’s a few things you can do to ease all symptoms and get back to 100%. 

If you’re having an unpleasant bhang trip – 

1. Try a few breathing exercises 

Slow down your breathing, concentratre on equal inhale and exhales. Breathe deeply with your mouth for a few moments. 


2. Drink a lot of water. 

Staying hydrated is key to overcoming the negative effects of bhang. It’ll also stop your mouth getting dry! 


3. Keep calm and tell yourself this is only temporary. 

It’s important not to panic. While some people report feeling like they might go crazy, the reassuring thing is that the effects will wear off after a while – that’s a guarantee. The situation is only temporary. 


4. Chew on a few black peppercorns to relieve anxiety. 

Several people swear by this technique. It’s said to combat paranoia and anxiety, and provide instant relief. 


5. Distract yourself by talking to your friends or listening to a familiar song. 

The comfort of familiarity can actually bring your fried mind back on down to earth. It’s also nice to not be alone when you’re on bhang. 


If you’re suffering from a bhangover –  

1. Get yourself some electrolytes. 

Electral, Gatorade, and best of all – good ol’ nimbu paani. You’ve got to get your body back to balance, which means rehydration. It’ll also restore the salts in your body and prevent the formation of free radicals thanks to the presence of anti-oxidants and vitamin C. 


2. Consume light food that isn’t too oily or fried. 

Idlis, fruits, veggies and anything with a high fibre content – put it in your body. Don’t leave your stomach empty. 


3. Take a warm shower. 

Warm water showers are good for your nerves and help in battling drowsiness, body aches, and headaches. Plus they’re just fun. 


4. Do some light exercise. 

You don’t have to go through a Rocky montage, but a short walk and a few light exercises will definitely help you get back on your feet. 


5. Drink a cup of green tea. 

The anti-oxidants in green tea are well documented, and they really do help. Herbal teas in general have a soothing effect on the system. 


6. Avoid drinking coffee as it may deplete water from your system. 


7. Avoid painkillers as they can aggravate nausea. 


If nothing else works, visit a doctor and they’ll provide you with some light meds to calm you down. And just remember, it’s all gonna be okay. Hakuna Matata!