They come every month and leave us reeling with unbearable pain. Yes, we’re talking about menstrual cramps. 

Not only are they distressing, they also hamper everyday life and leave us with no option but to pop a Meftal or two every day. 

But we know how bad taking pain pills can be in the long run, so here are some alternatives you can try:

1. Drink tons of water

Water is magic when it comes to periods (otherwise as well), and drinking at least 12-15 glasses is going to help your bloating, which in turn will provide relief from cramps.


2. Light exercise

Bloating can further menstrual cramps, so instead of taking medicine like always, we suggest you try doing some light exercise. A little bit of yoga will help you flex your muscle. In fact, some light walking can help too. 


3. Avoid inflammatory foods

When you’re on your period, everything in the nether region is struggling and in a lot of pain. A better diet will help you fix your stomach and decrease your cramps. So go for greens and avoid everything greasy. 


4. Turn up the heat

Cramps are caused because your muscles are contracting inside. Putting some heat on the area helps in opening blood vessels and easing out the cramps. A hot water bag would definitely do the trick. 


5. The big O

You read that right. An orgasm a day can definitely keep those nasty cramps away. Orgasms help ease up the blood vessels much like putting heat on the area. So, what are you waiting for?


6. Try Clary Sage, a little herb with lots of benefits

Ever heard about Clary Sage? A medicinal herb, it is highly recommended by a lot of people to relieve menstrual cramps. It also helps balance out hormones that are generally raging during periods. 


7. Say no to caffeine

We know it helps you be awake when everything around is falling apart, but caffeine can increase the chances of acidity. Note that caffeine doesn’t mean just coffee. It also includes chocolates, fizzy drinks, tea etc. 


8. A warm bath

Trust us, a warm bath can help a lot in calming tense muscles and providing some relief from that damning cramp. So, heat up some water and get soaking. 


And if you still experience pain after trying all these things, we suggest you consult a doctor. 

But for now, stop popping those pain killers. They might look like a convenient option but might ruin your health in the long run.