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Ever since I was a child, I have been on the heavier side of the body-weight spectrum. For me, fitness wasn’t chiselled abs and pumped muscles perse, it was me eating healthy and retaining stamina for daily activities. But when I saw the Greek gods of fitness take the #CultScore challenge, I was ready to push my limits and work harder for ’em gains!

I have always looked up to Hrithik Roshan for keeping himself fit and achieving all of his fitness goals. But for even Tiger Shroff and KL Rahul to take the #CultScore challenge and share their results on social media was a big deal for me. It inspired me to hop on the bandwagon and take the challenge myself. 

Okay, I know some you are lost and are scratching your heads thinking ‘Ye #CultScore kya hai?’. Well, #CultScore challenge is the next big thing which is taking the social media by a storm. Oh, and it’s nothing like the KiKi challenge or #ChaiPeeLo fraands trend. This trend will push you to do better every day and become the best version of yourself. 

So lemme start by giving Y’all some context. It all started with the cure.fit app. Since time immemorial, all of us fitness enthusiasts have struggled to measure our growth and see if we have made progress with our goals. That is when Cult Score came into existence. An innovative way of measuring one’s fitness levels, Cult Score reveals where one stands in terms of their stamina, endurance, flexibility, strength, and balance. 

All you have to do is go to the cure.fit app and book a test at your home or at a nearby center. The 30-minute test has a total of 10 exercises. After you are done with all 10 workouts, you can open up the cure.fit app and see the results of your performance. Oh, and you can even share it on the social media and encourage your friends to take up the challenge!

Now IDK about you, but Hrithik, Tiger, and Rahul have given me major fitness goals and long-term motivation to pursue them. Now I’m ready to take on the #CultScore challenge and see if I fare well.

The #CultScore helped me understand that my stamina and strength are at par with the average but my flexibility and balance need work. Now that I know the areas that need improvement, I can plan my workout schedule better! 

If you are in NCR, Bangalore, & Hyderabad you can also participate in the #CultScore challenge and stand a chance to win an iPhone XR & other prizes! Click here to take the challenge now.