Keto Diet or the Ketogenic Diet is high in fat and low on carb that has gained popularity in the past couple of years when the internet was flushed with articles of how celebrities like Halle Berry, Meghan Fox etc. are changing their lives and bodies with Keto Diet. But before you think of blending it into your daily lifestyle, have a look at the cons that come with the Ketogenic diet.  

1. Keto diet, if maintained for too long, can cause the body to produce high levels of blood acids.


2. Indulging in a keto diet for several months can cause abdominal pain and kidney stones.


3. The keto diet should not be done long-term as it makes the body go through a state of fatigue

Daily Express

4. Keto diet can cause iron deficiency in the body that can lead to Anemia

Medical News Daily

5. Due to a drastic change in food intake, the keto diet can lead to digestive issues