Just being regular at the gym won’t ensure a toned and fabulous body. There might be few techniques you are getting wrong, inhibiting you from your desired results. Here are some common mistakes, all of us unknowingly make at the gym. 

1. Not balancing your workout.

People usually focus on the kind of exercises they are perfect at, rather than working on the ones they are not at ease with. This results into certain muscles getting perfectly toned and certain being left saggy as they were before. 


2. Not giving importance to the warm up. 

Warming up is like practice before the actual exam. It makes your body aware about the exercise and the body responds accordingly. Sudden intensive exercise without a warm up might not give you the desired result. 


3. Relying on supplements to get quicker results.

It’s a tendency we’ve developed to think supplements are the real source of muscle gain. Whereas the reality is, supplements only help when taken with a proper diet and regular workout. 


4. Not setting a proper goal.

At times, we start exercising without knowing what to work on. It is important to examine what your body needs before practising any random techniques, which in fact might not even be beneficial for you. 


5. Missing out the workout too often. 

Not being consistent is a big problem. People become lazy when it comes to working out on regular basis. Stick to a well planned schedule to maintain your fitness. 


6. Carrying your phone to the gym. 

Let’s accept this fact, we are a generation driven by technology or to be more precise, driven by our mobile phones. Mobile phones become a huge reason of being distracted from the regime and not getting a positive result. 


7. Exercising continuously, but not eating healthy. 

Once you start with a gym routine, sticking to your diet becomes as crucial as working out. The reflection of a good physique is only possible with a proper work-diet balance. 


8. Changing your exercise routine without knowing their impact. 

This one is the most common mistake, people change the way to perform a particular exercise with whatever they feel comfortable doing. This might lead to postural problems and negative results. For example- Doing push ups with an arched back. 


9. Concentrating majorly on finishing up the workout as fast as you can.  

Rushing into any kind of workout is as bad as not performing them at all. Always focus on the quality of an exercise rather than the number of sets you do. It doesn’t gives you the result you want instantly.


10. Exhausting  yourself too much. 

You might think, working out more means better results. But keeping a continuous flow of tiring workout leaves no time for the body to recover from the effect of the exercise, which leaves no room for any kind of positive impact.  


11. Not using the correct mechanics or equipment. 

As we all know, gyms run usually on heavy mechanical equipment to provide effective training methods. Using them incorrectly might not give you the exact result you want, and in addition, it might leave you with a severe pain or swelling. 


12. Not maintaining a correct posture while doing lifts. 

Working out can turn troublesome if you don’t maintain your posture correctly while doing them. It may lead to you putting pressure on only selected areas of your body which is not what a complete workout aims at. 


13. Only performing exercises using machines. 

Exercising machines are important, but, it is also important to work out on your own without using machines. If you are looking for strength training, prefer push ups, lunges and free lifts rather than just sweating on treadmills.


14. Continuously repeating the same kind of sets.

Performing complete sets is important, but practicing the same kind of exercises over and over again gives no benefit. It’s almost like eating only one kind of food forever. It keeps you full but gives no energy in return. 


15. Not focusing on other body parts except abs. 

As abs are the most visible part of one’s body, people tend to be inclined towards exercises that enhance their abs. However, peopel should perform different sets that have an impact on the entire body. 

16. Either lifting too much or too little weight. 

Everyone must first examine their body properly. Depending on the kind of strength one needs, they must choose the weight and perform the lifts. Too heavy a weight and you can find yourself with some serious issues. 


17. Not performing the proper kind of cardio for your body. 

Your body might need more cardio whereas you might be focusing more on muscle training which in turn might not be benefiting you to the fullest. That’s why knowing your body properly and then performing exercises is very crucial. 


 18. Performing the wrong kind of super sets. 

Super sets are exercises done immediately after a set without taking a break. Always be careful while paring sets and super sets. If both are intensive then it might make you feel out of breath and tired very soon.  


19. Not knowing your body properly. 

Lastly, the result of everything you do depends on the kind of body you have. Know your body to the fullest. It’s weaknesses, strengths and requirements, only then will your aim be fulfilled. 


Avoid these silly mistakes when at the gym and you’ll be good to go.