Weight loss is an incredibly arduous endeavour, not only from a physical but also a psychological point of view. But once you do achieve your desired target after gruelling effort and tons of courage, the mental toll the journey takes on a human being is often left out of the narrative. Recently therapist and YouTuber Omar Bazza catalogued his personal account of how life changes after a dramatic weight loss, and the reality is quite grim.

Bazza lost a whopping 45 kilos in a steady span of eight months. Kudos to his hard work and dedication!

Once he did shed the extra weight, he noticed a difference in perception towards him.

Using food as a coping mechanism to an overload of stress is a reality for many of us. We tend to associate the feeling of happiness with keeping ourselves satiated. When you’re thin, you get away with it and can joke it off. When you’re not, it comes off as ‘unhealthy’ or ‘lazy.’

Bazza’s experience also puts the spotlight on how fatphobic we are as a society. The stakes are different for different sizes. When a person loses weight and you celebrate their weight loss to the point they are now considered a completely different, rejuvenated individual, it is only human to link self worth to numbers on a scale. Once you’ve experienced the influx of admiration, it’s a slippery slope into chasing a shallow ideal – that the thinner you become, the more people will appreciate you. And that is not okay.

Couldn’t have phrased it better myself, Mr Bazza! A hearty congratulations on your commendable efforts, and a big thank you for sharing your account so others can find comfort in your experience.