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We all know that breakfasts are important yet somehow, we don’t do much about it. Most of the time we stuff ourselves with quick-fix junk or not eat at all and eventually resort to a heavy brunch. Now you’ll come back with the classic excuse of ‘who has got the time?’ , but aren’t there several delicacies from all over India which don’t really take too long to prepare. Folks at Quaker Oats realizing the same decided to drive healthy eating habits by dedicating a whole month to it. 

Quaker Oats celebrated October as Oatober to promote healthy eating and it was followed by a large number of people. 

I love the pun, but I appreciate the motive even more. Throughout the month Quaker Oats urged people from all over the country to bring about the much-needed change in their lifestyle by making the first meal of the day a bit healthier.

Oatober ended with a Breakfasts of India themed FB Live marathon series where Yami Gautam cooked one of her favorite breakfast meals, the Dakshini Toast.

Not just the recipe, Yami also shared the importance of having the right amount nutrients in all our meals, especially breakfast (which was basically the whole idea). She also explained how a handful of oats can prove to be the fuel for the real fit. 

The Breakfasts of India FB Live series was one of a kind, with renowned food writers and bloggers joining in to showcase fun ways to include Quaker in recipes.

The featured writers and bloggers were from Bangalore (Nandita Iyer), Delhi (Shivangi Sinha & Apurva Saxena), Kolkata (Ritika Jaiswal), Mumbai (Devashri Sanghvi), and Chennai (Jofy Abrahim). They cooked their favorite healthy breakfast recipe and shared it with viewers. Here are a few of them:

Nandita Iyer from Saffron Trail makes Instant Dosa. 

Shivangi Sinha from Shivangi Reviews makes Cakey Healthy Cookie.

This fun activity caught the attention of millions of users. Not just attention though, we hope to see some implementation as well i.e. folks eating healthy. It’s understood that it’s not easy, getting used to healthy eating habits as they need some commitment, but in the longer run, they always pay you back. 

Which reminds me, I got to start healthy. Perhaps you should too!