Not all heart problems start with an excruciating pain in the chest and eliciting agonizing cries. Heart problems also masquerade as slightly less subtle signals to the body. Here are 10 signs that you might be under threat:

1. Discomfort in the chest

Discomfort in the chest is perhaps the most clear-cut sign that there's something wrong with the heart's functioning. If the sharp excruciating pain is felt for a few seconds, it might not be your heart. But if the pain continues, then it indicates trouble.

Source: Men's Health

2. Pain that spreads to the arm

Starts from the chest and moves outwards, is another common sign of an impending heart attack.

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3. Snoring

A little snoring, while sleeping, is normal. The problem escalates when the snores are unusually loud and sound like gasps. This can be a plausible sign of sleep apnea, which occurs when you stop breathing intermittently at night; thereby putting extra stress on your heart. 

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4. Exhaustion

If you suddenly complain of fatigue after doing something you had no problem doing in the past, for instance, climbing a flight of stairs; then this might be a cause for concern. 

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5. Persistent cough

In most cases, cough doesn't indicate heart trouble. But, if you're at a risk of heart-related disease, you must pay attention to the signs that your body sends. Persistent cough that is accompanied with pink/white mucus could spell trouble. This usually happens when the heart cannot keep with the body's demands, forcing blood back into the lungs. 

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6. Profuse sweating

If you break out in a cold sweat without any obvious reason, it could signal an impending heart problem. 

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7. Irregular heartbeat

If you feel your heartbeat shows an irregular pattern for more than a few seconds, then you should consult a doctor. In most cases, it isn't that serious and can be fixed. But if you jostle between extremities, this might signal a condition called atrial fibrillation that demands treatment. 

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8. Swollen ankles, feet and hands

Bloating occurs when the heart doesn't pump blood effectively. This is another pressing concern that must be taken seriously. 

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9. Dizziness

Dizziness for prolonged periods could indicate a significant drop in blood pressure, implying more pressure on the heart.

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10.  Jaw/throat pain

Pain that radiates from the center of the chest, spreading up to the throat or jaw could indicate a heart attack. Don't ignore it!

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Always heed the minutest of signs that your body sends. Go to a doctor if you're facing any of these symptoms.