Henry Cavill might no longer be Superman. The British actor who has portrayed the Man of Steel since 2013 is reportedly hanging up his cape. 

Source: USA Today

According to Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. had been trying to rope in Cavill for a guest appearance in Shazam

Source: trailer-track

But the talks between both sides reportedly broke down, which could be the main reason behind the end of the road for Cavill's Superman.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Furthermore, WB has no Superman movies planned for the next several years.

Source: Batman-News

It has also been reportedly focussing on the Supergirl movie and her origin story on Krypton. 

According to DC mythology, Kal-El is a child when Supergirl leaves the planet, leaving no space for Cavill to reprise his role. 

Source: Geektyrant

With this move, Cavill could be joining Ben Affleck, who is not expected to reprise his role in the solo Batman movie, directed by Matt Reeves.