The issue of the assault of an Air India staffer by Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad resonated at the Lok Sabha on Monday. His party demanded revocation of the ban on his flying with all major airlines of the country, but it got no positive response from the government which justified the action by the airlines.

Members of the Shiv Sena, an ally of the ruling BJP, created an uproar in the House and at one point of time, engaged in a verbal duel with Congress members who slammed Ravindra Gaikwad for his action.

Source: b'Anandrao Adsul in Parliament | Source: PTI'

Here is who a sequence of who all said what in the Parliament regarding the issue:

Shiv Sena MPs demand the travel ban be revoked

The Shiv Sena's Leader in the House Anandrao Adsul, who raised the issue, said he was only seeking lifting of the ban on flying imposed on Gaikwad by all major airlines after he assaulted a 60-year-old duty manager of Air India on March 23.

 Aviation minister gives a strong reply

To which he received a prompt reply from Civil Aviation Minister P Ashok Gajapati Raju who admonished Gaikwad for indulging in violence on the flight last week.

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"I never in my wildest dreams thought that an MP will get caught in such an incident. Violence of any kind can be disastrous." 

Referring to an earlier incident of violence by an MP against an airline staffer last year, Raju said following that episode, the DGCA had come out with safety guidelines.

The same guidelines were invoked in the case of Gaikwad who has been barred from flying by all the major airlines. 

Adsul said the ban was against the Constitution and the law and that the government must intervene immediately while talking about the privileges of the MPs. 

"An MP is also a passenger...We have to keep safety issues in mind." 

The MP compared Gaikwad with Kapil Sharma

Adsul referred to a recent incident of alleged misbehaviour by comedian Kapil Sharma during a flight to Australia and wondered why no action was taken against him.

"Even Kapil Sharma misbehaved on flight after getting drunk but no ban imposed on him," he said.

To this, Raju said, 

"We cannot have an unequal approach" but did not elaborate.

Even the Speaker didn't support their pleas

The Shiv Sena members expressed their unhappiness by trooping into the Well of the House. Speaker Sumitra Mahajan told them that it was not right. She told the agitating members to discuss and resolve their issues with the Civil Aviation Minister.

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The Speaker said the Shiv Sena members were trying to support something that is "wrong". 

"Being a public representative, the incident he (Gaikwad) was involved in, does not send the right message. Mujhe zyaada bholne pe majhboor na kare (Don't force me to speak more on the issue)," Mahajan said.

But Shiv Sena MP  Arvind Sawant met the Speaker with their demand to revoke the ban.

 "All airlines have come together banning him (Gaikwad), but it is our fundamental right (to travel by air)," Sawant said.
Source: b'Sumitra Mahajan | Source: PTI'

And which prompted the Speaker to soften her stand  

Despite the strong statements inside the House, the Speaker talked about resolving the issue, when she came outside the Parliament. 

"Whose mistake it was, what all happened is a different issue. An MP has to attend the House. He/she can't travel every time by train. Sometimes, one has to also travel by plane. Hope a solution can be taken out through talks."
"I am playing the role of 'tai' (elder sister). As of now, everybody is angry. It is time to calm down and resolve the issue. How the ban could be lifted needs to be discussed and resolved amicably"

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