Though Indian cricket is in a state of administrative flux, it seems the cash registers will keep ringing at the BCCI. Mobile manufacturing company OPPO became the new sponsor of the Indian cricket team, replacing broadcasting giants Star India.

The details of the bid have emerged and it's fair to say it's a massive increase from BCCI's previous deal.

Here's a breakdown of the new deal and how it compares with Star India:

Source: b'Image: BCCI / Infographic: ScoopWhoop'

 "Star India gave us 203 crore (approx USD 30.5 million) in four years. OPPO has paid us 1079 crore over five years, which far exceeds the previous highest [contract]," BCCI CEO Rahul Johri told ESPNcricinfo. "It really shows the true value of Indian cricket and the belief that companies have in Indian cricket. Because only once you have belief can you put in that kind of amount."

Star India had made it clear that it would not seek a renewal of its sponsorship deal, which was to end next month. The company had cited differences with the Board on the commitments sought from them as the reason for its decision.

Star India took over as the Indian cricket team's sponsor in 2013 from Sahara, which was declared ineligible by the Board.

The team sponsor gets to have its commercial logo on the both the men's and women's kits.

The five years rights period starts on 1st April 2017 and continues until 31st March 2022. This period will see Team India play 14 home series and 20 overseas series, this would also include the ICC Champions Trophy, ICC Cricket World Cup and the World T20 events.