Apart from boasting some odd 150 matches on Tinder, I also boast about matching with this one very unusual profile, I'm sure most of you must have had a love/hate relationship with. 

Psst! It ruins friendship.

Have you ever played a game with your friends that made you so angry you needed five minutes alone to keep your chill? Well, that's UNO for you. What took me by surprise was finding its profile on Tinder and actually matching with it instantly (after swiping left to a pool of boring profiles, obviously). I mean, a profile with a bio that flaunts - 'swipe right to see my wild side and you'll be screaming my name before you finish', even a wallflower like me wouldn't swipe left. 

Now that I've had this pun-filled conversation with UNO and laughed like crazy at all its sassy and smooth replies, I couldn't help but ask about where this conversation was headed and whether we could meet IRL. '29th September at Doolally, Kemps Corner, Mumbai' came a very prompt reply. After hours of head-scratching and gathering my lads to discuss this cryptic profile, we finally got to know that not just us but UNO has been flirting with a bunch of other users as well. Strange? Very strange!

Now, here's the real deal. UNO's witty puns about its 'wild side' were actually to introduce its new pack, which comes with a swap hands feature. Now what's a swap hands feature, you ask? It is a powerful card that enables you to swap the cards in your hand with anyone of your choice, at any of your turns. Damn, now that's savage!

Turns out this whole thing was to lure people towards going for a date with UNO in the form of an actual event that is being hosted in Doolally this Saturday. Which from the looks of it seem pretty neat, guess you know what you are doing this weekend! #UNOXTinder

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