We are all so different but same-to-same in so many ways. The things that we deal with and struggle with on a daily basis are accurately similar. These comics by PlanetPrudence sum up the life of every awkward twenty-something who is trying to be herself in society. Instead of feeling bad about yourself and putting yourself down all the time, it is important to laugh your quirks away. It is good to celebrate your weirdness. Here are hilarious comics, which do just that. Check them out.

1. Smells like teen spirit.

2. Why?

3. It was bloody and it rained tears.

4. Marilyn Monroe wali feels.

5. Yea, that's exactly how you do it!

6. The inside story of my life.

7. Damn right, girl!

8. Showering like showering is done. 

9. On point.

10. "Please don't ask me to go out."

11. Shut up and bounce!

12. Exams are my fave.

13. Fries before guys!

14. Well, fuck!

15. Wine, won't say No!

16. "Who ate all my chocolates?? Oh, I did!"

17. Procrastination level "age 96".

18. That's how I scroll!

19. Just when everything got better...

20. Hair doesn't know how to behave.

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