Have you ever been really hungry but the moment you took a bite, the taste of that meal killed your hunger instantly?

 1. This little Smurf just got mummified!

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2. On behalf of the chef, I'd like to ask, "Is it too late now to say sorry?"

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3. How to burn calories in a few minutes?

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4. Taking dead baby jokes to a new level...

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5. You vs the guy she asked you not to worry about

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6. When your Pokemon Go challenge leads you to a liquor store.

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7. When taking things out of context gets way too real!

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8. When Shrek and Tinkerbell decided to have a baby.


9. When you've been single for too long and have been asked to cook for couples.

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10. When even the omelette you made is going through an existential crisis.

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11. When it's Christmas but you're still not over Halloween

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12. When you're so broke that it reflects upon everything you try doing.

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13. Well, this guy literally "nailed it"!

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14. I guess the "force" was not with him.

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15. Slice of life aukaat anusaar

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16. When you've been on a dry spell for too long.

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17. Just gonna stand there and watch me burn

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18. Not all cups can handle the flow

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19. How to piss off a Japanese chef - Step 1.

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If you still underestimate your cooking skills, let this be a reminder of how much better you can be.