Admit it people, we still don't know how to work the panorama feature in our smart phones.

With this feature came creativity and some beautiful landscape pictures. But how many of us were really able to take one semi-decent, remotely aesthetic shot? All of us have mostly managed to click some rather odd-looking, unintentionally funny pictures instead. 

But don't worry because you're not the only one here. Going by what's there on the internet, there are some pretty interesting looking panoramic pictures clicked by people. 

We've selected 30 of the funniest ones. Let's just say these are wonders of modern-day technology!

1. Passing out naked has serious after-effects! 

Source: Boredpanda

2. If you're girlfriend is mad at you, she may chop off your body!

Source: Boredpanda

3. Feeling dizzy? You're not the only one. 

Source: dailyscene

4. That's way too much of poking! 

Source: scarydad

5. When you've got a teeth-cleaning and ain't afraid to show it!

Source: boredpanda

6. Ass you like it!

Source: Boredpanda

7. His hand just knew how hungry he was. 

Source: foolpix

8. Long, long hands!

Source: foolpix

9. Twerking, may be?

Source: media-cache

10. Haan tum, bas tum!

Source: media-cache

11. We don't even know what to say!

Source: distractify

12. God bless panorama!

Source: ofpof

13. A dog's life indeed!

Source: boredomtherapy

14. Was he was looking in the mirror while being captured?

Source: batyar

15. Wonder baby.

Source: distractify

16. We asked him if he left his brain at home. He decided to come like this the next day.

Source: Pinterest

17. This is a classic example of an expression-less human.

Source: distractify

18. Keeping things grounded! 

Source: taringa

19. Just when I thought it is a normal picture.

Source: dlyakota

20. Next level swag.

Source: thechive

21. Kinda like this big head guy.

Source: distractify

22. My dog told me he wants to fly. I showed him how much I love him! 

Source: dailyscene

23. Jaadu?

Source: talesmen

24. We know what you first saw, you dirty, dirty fellow!

Source: boredpanda

25. This guy's name must be Kanoon because kanoon ke haath lambe hote hain.

Source: viralated

26. My head is too small for my body.

Source: boredpanda

27. Kids with extraordinary talent.

Source: distractify

28. Do we not need a car which barely needs parking space? 

Source: deed

29. This one's cute. 

Source: foolpix

 30. Oh damn, some people are just too forgetful. He even forgot his own body.

Source: boredpanda

For your reference: To get a great panoramic shot, you take a snap and hold down the button as you scan the camera around and capture 180 degrees.