Can I confess something? I cannot recall a time that I wasn't scared to step outside to play Holi as a teen. Being a young girl of a certain age, meant that Holi would not so much be about the colours, but about the “accidental” groping and fondling. The saying, #BuraNaManoHoliHai in all its simplicity was supposed to signify innocence and mischief during festive times. 

But the shameful conduct of some people has reduced it to an excuse you can just throw at the ones you've misbehaved with. It's time we value consent and get our minds out of the proverbial gutter. To that end, there can be no better way to phrase this sentiment than how this eye-opening video by Ghadi Detergent has just done. Let us all put our best foot forward in making sure that Holi is just as safe for all, as it is joyous. 

This Holi, #SaareMaelDhoDaalo