Every now and then, you come across a new hilarious page on Facebook. Whether it's Friendly Indian Pictures or Shitty Comics, we're absolute suckers for funny Facebook pages.

One such page is Honest Indian Histories. They take unrelated images and provide an imaginary context for the same. The brutal satire of the page has made it immensely popular in a short while.

We've compiled a highlight reel of sorts with some of their best ever posts.

1. Nothing better than a bit of dark humour about one of the weirdest controversies in modern histories.

2. You can't even argue against this.

3. PSA: Stop posting your food on Instagram. NOBODY CARES!

4. The thin line between jingoism and nationalism has been blurred.

5. What is life if not an extension of Tom & Jerry?

6. The page is challenging people with its humour. It seems much like a Royal Challenge though.

7. "Jitna tha utna laye hai!"

8. Phalguni Pathak was our Beiber before Beiber was cool.

9. Because taking offense should be our national sport.

10. How did I get my (san)scars?

11. Haters will say that this is not accurate.

12. When real life is inspired from Hollywood.

13. India wanted to know but we couldn't.

14. Agnipareeksha ka revaluation accept hota hai kya?

15. Using a Bhai ki movie against him. Classic!

16. Mischief managed!

17. Humans are evolution's typo.

18. It wasn't misogyny but the love for Pulp Fiction.

19. Sahi pakde hai?

20. Pahlaj sir was one who kept powder ki lino ka hisaab.

21. At least he didn't promise us free Wi-Fi.

22. That iron-clad logic is hard to refute.

23. Two birds with one stone. Nice!

24. That expression though.

25. When someone disagrees with your ideology, he/she is either a Naxalite or an anti-national.

26. TATA wala case kaisa chal raha hai, bhaiyo?

27. Akhilesh Yadav = Tamraaj Kilvish. CONFIRMED!

28. Back when the Degree Gate was a national joke.

29. When a Snapchat story turned into national news.

30. What a paisa wasool (pun unintended) expression!

31. "Inka toh kaam hi hain samaaj ko ganda karna."

32. ♫ Balam pichkaari ♫

33. I wish this were true though.

34. ♫ Mera secret hai magic pencil ♫

35. ♫ Tera dhyaan kidhar hai? Tera hero idhar hai. ♫

You do you, Honest Indian Histories. You do you!