We can never seem to get enough gossip about the lives of Bollywood A-listers. But what if I told you that the stories behind some of India's B-grade actors, albeit relatively glamourless, make for far more intriguing accounts?

According to 101 India, the story of Pooja Gupta, a known name in the 'hot movies' industry, may be one of them. A divorced mother of two, Pooja built her career in the B-grade film world from scratch and it sure hasn't been an easy journey.

Originally from a fairly conservative family, Pooja was married off at the tender age of 14. After her husband left her, Pooja worked as a make-up artist for several years to raise her two daughters.

But when a casting director asked her to audition for a role that involved sexual exposure, she took it on - not just with an open mind, but with passion and enthusiasm. Uncertain of what the future held for her, her mother and daughters had their doubts about Pooja's pursuits in the beginning. But having seen Pooja in her element, truly enjoying her work, they've come around since then.

Now a proper celeb in the B-grade circles, Pooja is far from a helpless 'ablaa' being made to do things she's not comfortable doing. On the contrary, Pooja is a fearless artist that's shaping her career with her own choices, and living life on her own terms.

And I don't know about you, but I tend to agree with her family on this - if she has talent and passion on her side, ain't nobody got the right to tell this lady what to do.

Watch Pooja's complete story here:

You go, Pooja! You're the kind of woman that makes the 'bechari naari' feel like a thing of the past. And we thank you for that. And for all the adult entertainment you've given the Indian audiences.

All images sourced from 101 India via YouTube