Desktops, laptops, mobile phones, the internet is everywhere these days, swallowing up most of our time, many thanks to the social media websites. And for all the time you spend on these websites, you generate a percentage of money for them. Ever wondered how much money they make with each of your clicks?

According to a technology reporter named Alex Kantrowitz, here's how much Facebook makes off of you - 

The information provided is based on Facebook's newly released third-quarter earnings report which revealed the average revenue the company earns per user worldwide. According to the data, it has earned, ₹1070.19 worldwide, ₹4176.67 in the US, ₹1259.67 in Europe, ₹504.40 in Asia Pacific and ₹322.92 from the rest of the world, per user last quarter. The company has over 1.79 billion users worldwide. Well, will you mind doing the math?

Source: Facebook's earnings report

As soon as the news reached Twitter, there was an explosion of mixed reactions.  

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