Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu's swift action resulted in the arrest of a 50-year-old man who allegedly misbehaved with a female student while she was travelling in the New Delhi-bound Rajdhani Express on Thursday. 

The accused, identified as Bani Prasad Mohanty, was de-boarded at Tatanagar after Prabhu directed the Railway authorities to take immediate action following a tweet from the woman’s friend. 

Dharanidhar Pradhan, Inspector, GRP, Bhadrak said that the girl, who was travelling alone in the train on Thursday, sent an SOS through her smartphone seeking help.

She said that while she was asleep, the accused allegedly groped her. Startled by the act, the girl woke up and confronted the man, who denied doing it.

Source: b'The accused, identified as Bani Prasad Mohanty, was de-boarded at Tatanagar/ Source: PTI'

The girl then wrote about the incident in a Facebook post, which one of her friends tweeted to Railway Ministry Suresh Prabhu. The railway minister promptly directed the train security personnel to take appropriate action against the accused.  

 A team of three TTEs, escorted by Railway Police Force (RPF) personnel rushed to the compartment and nabbed Mohanty after the girl identified him. Mohanty was deboarded at Tata Nagar and handed over to the Government Railway Police (GRP) at Bhadrak in Odisha.

The man was produced in the court later in the day. 

(Feature image source: PTI)