Is technology your new life manager? Do you find yourself surrounded by screens almost all day? Then maybe you need a digital detox. Here is a 5 step guide to get yourself to take a break from those screens. 

1. Make a landline your new companion

Being on a digital detox simply means ditching those screens and technologies that rule our lives. However, you can still call your parents living in the other city every day or have an hour of gossip with your bestie. How? Use a landline, my dear. 


2. Make use of the uninstall feature of your phone

Once we unlock our cellphone screens, we end up surfing Instagram or indulging a chat on Whatsapp. You can avoid it by bringing using the uninstall feature every tech device has. Just uninstall your social media apps and you are good to go. 


3. Ditch that colourful world and go grey.

Studies say that lack of colors make us lose our interest for a particular thing. Remember, how we used to hate those colorless black and white mathematics books? Similarly, changing the cellphone and laptop's color settings to grey will automatically make us use it less. 


4. Say 'bye' to your chargers.

You can hide the chargers of your phone and laptop somewhere and take them out only once a week. Or, you can give them to your friend or family member and ask them to give it to you only after 10-15 days that to only for an hour. This way, either your gadget's battery will be dead and you will be without it for a few days or you'll automatically use it very often to save the battery. 


5. Go back to the basics. Rediscover paper.

We all know reading a book feels more satisfying than reading a tablet. Not only does it offer fewer distractions, but when we read on paper, our minds process abstract information more effectively. Additionally, using sticky notes to drop off important messages to family and colleagues instead of texting them is a great way to keep yourself away from those screens. 


Because sometimes you need to disconnect to connect.