No matter how busy we are in our lives, we get few moments of peace and doing absolutely nothing. But technically you are never doing 'nothing'. There are numerous involuntary actions going on in your body. Spoiler alert: Our body only stops working when you die.

Let's break it down and look at what all we do within a short span of 60 seconds.

1. You inhale about 16 times 

Unless you are Baba Ramdev, then you do it probably 160,000 times.

Source: vtee

2. You have at least 50 thoughts

50 shades of rubbish for me though.

Source: toovia

3. Your blood travels a distance of around 14 km

Gee, my blood can travel around the world while I am stuck in my office.

Source: The Active Times

4. You lose 500,000 flakes of skin

Take that, snakes!

Source: livestrong

5. You create around 100,000,000 red blood cells

At least I am rich when it comes to RBCs.

Source: Megabored

6. You blink between 15-20 times

That is when John Cena gets away.

Source: South Live

7. You have 72 heartbeats on an average

Unless you see your crush and skip a few.

Source: Wordpress

8. You create roughly 0.6 grams of Carbon Dioxide

And they said I can never create something.

Source: Pinterest

9. You produce about 6000 joules of energy

Holy fuck! no wonder we complain about being tired all the times.

Source: Flipboard

We are doing so much work even while sitting idle. The next time someone calls you lazy, show them this article. You're welcome.