Let’s face it, between anchors that scream their heads off and news stories that count the number of times a celebrity brushed her hair off of her face during a press conference, we have to agree that most of the ‘news’ that we consume today would probably put the term to shame. Information has been monopolized by sensationalization and advertising. Need some proof? Here are 12 real, honest-to-freaking-God, I-can’t-believe-I’m-reading-these headlines that will make you want to facepalm, hard!

1. Coming soon to theatres near you…

Still a better love story than Twilight, though.

2. Because one surname is way too mainstream.

Control your BP after reading this copy.

3. Love is fickle, no?

Oh SNAP! You just got catfished!

4. What the actual hell?

Now that’s a wedding he’ll never forget…

5. This explains everything, almost everything.

Kuch kuch hota hai, pagli, tu nahin samjhegi!

6. Supreme CRINGE alert!

Nope. Nope. Nope.

7. When you cannot figure out a pronoun to address Sr. Bachchan with.

You had one job!!

8. Such a shame!

How dafuq is this news?

9. This is what an actual facepalm looks like.

We. Can’t. Even. 

10. When leopards are more hardcore than we’ll ever be!

Someone give the copywriter, a freakin’ medal!

11. Whoa… this…


12. When you have gone too far, but just don’t realize it yet.

Our sincerest condolences to the death of journalism. Also, we feel your pain MSD!

After going through this brain-cell-killing list, this is what we really have to say: 

Guys, you are only as smart as the newspaper you read, so why read junk? #SayNoToJunk by switching to DNA (available in New Delhi & Mumbai from 11th October) and let your brain cells come alive again. It’s really easy, simply ask your newspaper-wale bhaiyya to change your paper. If that wasn’t enough inspiration to switch, then maybe this hilarious video will help you put that grey matter to use.