Social media, for the lack of a better word, is a really weird place. And its virtual charisma sometimes compels people to act in equally weird ways. Which is why, we’ve done quite a detailed analysis to figure out the most annoying things people do on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to come up with this list of 14 twisted internet crimes. These are the things that make you go “ew,” “just stop,” “no,” and “BUT WHY” almost every day!


1. When your distant relatives start commenting on your pictures and start saying, “Arrey… tum kitne bade ho gaye ho!”

2. When your mom starts sending friend requests to your friends…

3. And then unknowingly sends it to your ex.

4. When people flood your newsfeed by either posting their ugly “duck faces”…

5. …Or by showing off their six-pack.

6. When people start posting their clichéd honeymoon albums. I mean, come on people… I’m still single!

 7. #When #People #Use #Way #Too #Many #Hashtags.

8. When our “foodie” friends turn our newsfeed into a buffet menu.

9. When our relatives share a chain message, thinking that some poor kid in a third world country won’t get any food if we don’t “share” the hell out of it. 

 10.  Turning our newsfeed into a political debate… Wow! As if Mr.-The-Nation-Wants-To-Know wasn’t enough. Thanks, guys.

11. And despite being in the year 2016, we still get Candy Crush and Pirate King game requests. Daily.

12. How our friends make us feel miserable about our life by posting pictures of their exotic vacations. 


13. The ones we really despise are those who post spoilers of our favourite TV shows. I want to watch Jon Snow dying, I don’t want to read about it. Oops…

14. Expressing how much they love their S.O. We know you do! Don’t throw that in our faces. 

Damn. Sometimes, these things can get really crazy. That’s why it’s time to keep nosey busybodies in check ad keep our conversations safe with Hike Messenger’s Hidden Mode. Keep your conversations private and be your cheesy, corny self without the fear of someone judging you! Happy chatting!

Feature image source: Reas