“2012 is going to be my bitch.” – my words from 2011. This is what I have been saying every year. Every new year is apparently my bitch because I feel that I am going to be a better version of myself. And in the pursuit of becoming Era 2.0, I list a number of resolutions, just like a lot of human beings do. 

“Lose weight.” That has been on the top of my list for the past 6 years, and just like all of you reading this, I haven’t been able to achieve my goal. There are a lot of resolutions we make only to break them. The reason is because they aren’t realistic. 

Fun Fact: Google searches for “diet” and similar terms spike every January. 

So today, we bring you resolutions that you can actually stick to and feel better about yourself in 2017.

Hope you can relate to these because I sure can. Let us know in the comments about your story of breaking new year’s resolutions. You know I’m not going to judge you. #YOLO

Design Credits: Gauri Saxena