Naming a shop or a restaurant is a tedious task. Be it adding your own name, a foreign language or a quirky phrase, there's a lot of thinking that goes into the process. 

But what if that extremely thought out name goes wrong? And by wrong we mean, having a double meaning or sexual innuendo wrong? Well, here are a few restaurant names that totally failed on every level. 

1. Herpes Pizza

My appetite just died. 

Source: The Sun

2. Prawn Hub

Is it just me who sees sea food in a whole different light now? 

Source: Reddit

3. Lick-A-Chick

All I wanted to eat was some chicken, man. 

4. Fu King Chinese 

Well, this restaurant just read our post 2020 mind. 

5. Man Ho

Hope they just serve food. 

Source: Quora

6. Dirty Dicks

Honestly, I'm good. 

Source: Pinterest

7. Vagina Tandoori Indian Cuisine

I'm not too sure about that curry anymore. 

Source: Pinterest

8. Cocks

Love it or hate it, you can't ignore it. 

Source: Pinterest

9. Saloon Wankers Corner

I have my doubts about the hygiene of this place. 

Source: Wow Amazing

10. Pizza Orgasmica

Not sure if i'm into this pizza topping. 

11. Butt Sweet House

I don't have a sweet tooth anyway. 

Source: Pinterest

12. Potty's Restaurant

When I said eating out, this was not in my mind. 

Source: Telangana Today

13. Pench-O Da Restaurant

Can't be more Indian than this. 

Source: Twitter

14. Faltu Snacks Centre

Totally doubting the credibility of this place. 

Source: Twitter

15. Cabbages and Condoms 

I'd rather hit the pharmacy. 

Source: Twitter

16. Second Wife Restaurant

I wouldn't take a spouse here. 

17. Bewakoof Hotel

I'm kind of offended. 

Source: Twitter

18. Tatti Pizza

On second thoughts, I'm not into Italian. 

Source: Twitter

19. Pho King Delicious

Now this a little overdramatic. 

Source: Quora

20. The Golden Stool

Absolutely not. 

I thik i'm just going to eat at home now.