We Indians know how to turn a phrase. Screw all who believe we don’t have a sense of humour, because I’ve found a gold mine. Long has Twitter been the stage of a caricature of thoughts and shower philosophy. So, here are 25 hilarious tweets that only Indian will relate to. This is as brown as it gets, ladies and gentlemen.

Here are 20 hilarious tweets that you need to be desi to get the punchline of.

1. Kahani ghar ghar ki.

2. “Bas yahi aakhri ichha hai beti.”

3. JMD, let’s rock!

4. That’s one way of looking at it.

5. This has Delhi written all over it.

6. If this joke was deeper, Adele would be rolling in it.

7. Touche.

8. Like the Raymond of paan masalas.

9. Now, that’s an idea.

10. ‘Old ass folk still living with their parents’ problems.

11. This is revolution.

12. Pakka marwari hai.

13. HashtagSanskaari.

14. Did you also sing it in your head?

15. I’d still prefer khichdi over karela and tinda.

16. BC, satya vachan MC!

17. Patience level =Desi.

18. Admit it! You’ve done it too.

19. I’m not even saying anything.

20. Signs!

Newton’s Law Of Chichorapan

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