We’re finally in it. The big one – 2020 baby! Unfortunately, a lot of the dreams and aspirations we had as a collective nation aren’t anywhere close to being achieved. Ah well, people can dream right? Which is exactly what the folks at Reddit and Twitter have been doing!


Damn, Bangalore is popping! This is it guys, we’re in the future.


Guwahati’s got its game on! 2020, you magical beauty.

We’ve truly come so far! Remember all that poverty, debt, and unemployment we had in 2019? Feels like a bad dream now doesn’t it?

All our problems, wiped out as if Thanos just snapped a finger.

India has truly adopted the oft-repeated phrase ‘New year, new me’. We could all learn from that.

Just look out the window, just look at all our perfect roads, ample green cover, prosperous people. Honestly, we should feel lucky to be alive.


Even the ghats in Varanasi have got that never-before-seen glossy sheen.

Everything works at prime optimum speed now – our trains, our elevators, our minds. There’s been a paradigm shift in what it means to be Indian.

The golden age is here guys. The global superpowers will have to take us seriously now. We’ve arrived, and how!

Anyway, extended joke over. Time to go back to our sad lives.