As optical illusions have gained their place on the internet by creating a niche, they often wreck our brains and stir many debates among netizens. While some of the optical illusions are a mere coincidence, others are intentional, but all of them are definitely mind-boggling.

 We tried to solve these viral optical illusions and see what the buzz is about.

1. How many girl are sitting here? 

This viral mind-boggling image was posted by the Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari. Leading to a debate amongst the Netizens, the answers ranged from 2 to 14 and two pairs of twins, lets see what you think.

The photographer later confirmed that there were only 2 girls in the image. 

2. What is with this image? 

This week, Twitter was shaken by this viral optical illusion image. What looked like a normal coloured image, was not so normal afterall. 


It is actually a black and white photograph with coloured lines. Lionel Page further explains: 

3. What colour are these spheres? 

Bad Astrology

 All the spheres are of the same colour and shade, however, it is the magic of color contrast optical illusions that confuses us into thinking that the balls are of different colours. 

4. Traffic Mysteriously Disappearing; Platform 9 3/4 situation.

A few weeks back, this video of traffic magically disappearing took the entire internet by surprise. What looked like a platform 9 3/4 situation was actually an optical illusion. While a few people thought that the video was of a parking lot, shot from a rooftop, it is still a mystry to us. 

5. Can you spot the hidden iPhone?  


Clue: It’s somewhere near the table.

Mix 106.3

6. Where is Kendall’s Leg? 

Earlier this year, InStyle posted a photo of Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, and Hailey Baldwin on Instagram, chilling together after the Golden Globes. The internet couldn’t help but notice Kendall’s missing leg.


Turns out it was hidden under her dress all along. To get a better angle she pointed her knee to her right and twisted her body forward


7. These legs are oily, right? 

Right after an art student posted this picture on her Instagram, the entire internet went berserk over the optical illusion. In the picture, it looks like the legs are covered in oil but that’s not all. 


If you look closely, you’ll see the streaks and markings of white paint. It’s almost like contouring. 

8. There is something very creepy about this viral picture. 

Captioned, “It took me forever to find what was wrong here…”, this image went viral.


If carefully look at the upper half of the picture, you’ll see similar faces in the background. 


9. The Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion 

 Developed by a professor Kokichi Sugihara and winning the “Best Illusion of the Year” contest in 2016 from the Neural Correlate Society, this illusion has severely messed with our head.


The internet eventually figured that these are mirror images of the primary objects.


10. There are 12 dots in this image, can you see them all at once? 

The image went viral after we all realised that our peripheral vision wasn’t very good. 

Wiring Diagram Database

Here are all the 12 dots.

Boredom Therapy

11. Just another brick in the wall, right?


It’s actually a cigar. Thee shadows play of the ashy cigar butt looks like a stone. 

The Golf Club

12. Is the floor wobbly? 

The picture of a checkered floor from a U.K-based tile company took Twitter by surprise.


It was later revealed that the floor was flat and it was an optical illusion to keep people from running.  

13. Can you spot the person camouflaging behind these bags? 

Liu Bolin the author of “Liu Bolin: The Invisible Man,” did a series of self portrait where he would camoflage to the surroundings. TBH, we still cannot find him. 


We see him, now. 


14. The image is definately not manipulated 

Mimi Choi is just an makeup artist who proves that make up is art, she knows what she’s doing. Don’t believe us? Have a look. 


15. Are you getting major concert feels too? 

Bored Panda

Well, sorry to break it to you but this is a cotton field at night. 

16. These are barstools, right? 

Bored Panda

These are espresso margaritas that are perfectly aligned to give us the illusion of barstools. What gave us away? The red lamp on the left.

17. Is there a fire inside the house? 

Bored Panda

What looks like a furious fire inside the house is actually the reflection of a sunrise on the window pane. If you look close enough, you’ll be able to see the leaves.

18. Are the cookies ready yet? 

Bored Panda

The concave reflecting surface is giving the illusion of a magnified giant cookie, wherein the cookie-dough balls look like chocolate chips. 

19. An endless corridor 

Bored Panda

The pattern of the carpet and the interesting lighting scheme of the corridor is giving the optical illusion of a never-ending corridor. 

20. Looks like a still of Earth from the space, right?

Bored Panda

It’s actually the rooftop of a car, covered with frost. 

21. The beach looks beautiful under the night sky, doesnt it? 


We were shocked to know that something as visual as this was an optical illusion. We would have never guessed the truth.