They say life is all about enjoying the little things and I totally agree with ‘em! I mean, what can be better than popping bubble wraps and finding a perfectly crunchy leaf? Don’t tell me you don’t agree with me ‘cause I know you love it too! But, sometimes, there are things which may not be a big deal for everyone yet they satisfy you in the weirdest possible way. And, that is EXACTLY what these 6 things are gonna do for you now!     

1. When you watch a video of a water balloon popping in slo-mo. 

Who cares about the mess? We can all do with a little bit of splash once in a while, right? 

Source: Video Blocks

2. When you crack your knuckles! 

Yes, get that cracking sound going. And, have you noticed how resentful it is to not be able to pop one single knuckle? I feel ya too... 

Source: Harvard Health - Harvard University

3. When everything inside your wardrobe is colour coordinated. 

If you are also meticulous about the order, sequence and arranging stuff, then you know exactly what I am talking about. One colour for every day or every season!  

Source: Snowbird of Paradise

4. When you see your dog curled up in sleep. 

Cuteness overloaded, right? Sometimes, I find it tough to resist going and snuggling with my puppy.  

Source: Tao of Dog

5. When you play slime splash.  

This never gets old! Punch it, press it, throw it, do whatever you want, 'cause you gotta get all slimy! 

Source: The Best Ideas for Kids

6. When you watch a magical video leading to a stunning design!  

Backed by trippy music, a magical video is the most satisfying thing, right? I mean, look at the fireflies illuminating the whole screen, the hummingbird swiftly flipping the pages and the skills of those ballet dancers in this video. So calming that I can't help but watch this Kia ad on loop! And just like magic, the magnificent Kia car was made. Like the whole video was a build-up of the final trick - the car appearing like magic - taking everyone's breath away. 
Don't believe me, go watch yourself!  

It's truly satisfying, right? But, when the ending reveals innovation, I had a complete BRAINGASM! What a beauty! If I were to own this, I would call it 'THE RED RANGER'! What are you going to name this magnificent innovation with a magical combo? I know you are kaafi intrigued, and you gotta find more about it. So, click right here!