Did you know? Thanks to inflation, every 90s kid's prized possession now costs almost double the amount. Gen Z, gear up to channel your inner Boomer because a Twitter user just pointed out that apparently our beloved Add gel pen will now burn a hole in your pocket of a whopping 40 bucks. WTF!

Add Gel Pen
Source: India Mart

Check out the Tweet here:

Forty rupees for an Add gel pen is crazy talk. I'd pay like twenty tops. Now I get why my mom would present me with an ass-whopping every time I asked for a new pen. Wow, Raashi do you hear yourself?

Naturally, like me Twitter also entered the humaare zamaane mein era:

Ahh, this brings back memories of that asshole spoilt brat in class who would loudly boast about their elaborate pen collection from Canada and the US and all you would have is your trusted Add gel pen. Is bragging about pens still a thing or is it all about likes and followers now?