How many times have you tried teaching your pet some basic manners and failed miserably? Successful or not, you’ve got to meet this adorable pup who is breaking the internet for making a sincere effort towards cleanliness.

Acelin Hampton, who goes by the name of Billie Band$ on Twitter posted a picture of a rolled out toilet paper which was apparently done by his dog while he was away. According to Hampton, his three month puppy, Pablo, peed on the bathroom floor and tried to clean it with that paper. As reported by Buzzfeed – 

Pablo needed to pee and couldn’t hold it in any longer. He peed on the bathroom floor, and when Hampton came home, he found wads of toilet paper pulled from the roll onto the wet spot and realised Pablo ‘tried to clean it up’ himself.

Hampton was trying teach bathroom manners to the pup for the past three months and it looks like he is catching up. The world needed to know about this disciplined puppy, and that’s what Hampton did. He shared the news on Twitter, saying – 

To which Pablo, who has his own active Twitter account, replied – 

Seeing this adorable gesture from the pup, Twitter went crazy – 

Let’s hear it for ‘good boy’ Pablo!