Carissa Kaye Powell is one artist who truly embodies the phrase that inspiration can be drawn from anywhere. 

Her friends likened her to a raccoon and from there she started to do one of the most amazing things – illustrating adult problems in raccoon comics. She makes them so relatable and oh so cute!

Her comics are bound to leave you cracking.

Why is the weekend always so far?

Don’t answer that.

Always. ALWAYS!

Too old for this shit.

Why do I keep doing this to myself?

I just know myself. Sigh!

Nope. Don’t want an answer to that.

My life is ruined. Please don’t ask.

Also because it disappears so fast.

I can’t stand people in general.

Challenge accepted.

Yep. That’s me. Alcohol just reveals my true self.

Just being passive-aggressive.

Oops! I ate it.

Food should just go to the heart, not the belly.

Nope. Just can’t.

Best night ever.

Where does all my money go?

Guilty only when discovered.

We’re all screwed.

All comics are from her page.

You can follow her here and here to see more of her amazing work.