Reddit is a wild place and the r/AmItheAsshole subReddit is wilder. While scrolling through it you’ll find enough ‘questions’ from people living so far from reality and so over their head that it’ll make you feel if only they would have read what they are saying before posting. But they don’t read and they don’t understand. Here are some of the questions I found in the AITA subReddit that’ll make you go WTAF and scream, “Yes, you ARE the asshole!!!”

1. I’m sorry, I don’t have any words for this one

2. Because grades >>>> mental health

3. For some incomprehensible reason, some people think their opinion on things that don’t concern them at all holds more value than the person going through it. And of course, they are overreacting if they call you out on it.

4. Imagine working hard for months for people who will dispose of you the moment you stop performing as well as earlier because you experienced a major loss and then ask AITA.

5. It’s easier to teach your daughters to mend their ways than teaching your sons to learn and adapt.

6. Hear me out, you ‘joking’ about other people’s insecurities and losses to ‘get a reaction’ out of them does not make you funny.

7. OP basically admitting they don’t understand the concept of consent.

Hey, as if not understanding the meaning of consent was not enough, they are here again making more demands on the topic. Of course, they are being misunderstood while they don’t understand consent themselves.

44.6k upvotes +1. Also, louder for people in the back!

Saying. Nothing. Is. Not. Consent. He. Did. Not. Consent.

8. When you don’t understand parenting and still decide to have kids.

wild aita questions

9. Because, of course, it was any of your business. OP went like, “I skipped classes in school but I’ll quickly put my nose in other people’s business while it doesn’t concern me whatsoever and still ask AITA.”

wild aita questions

10. “I’ll fire a 16 year old minimum wage earner who highly depends on this income, who repeatedly told me she wasn’t feeling ok which I completely ignored and asked her to finish the day anyway because she confused a hardly distinguishable alcoholic beverage for a non-alcoholic one.”

wild aita questions

11. Imagine robbing someone the chance of feeling the presence of a loved one, in whatever form, on their supposedly big day because you can’t stop being selfish.

wild aita questions
wild aita questions

To be honest, these have enraged me and I can’t imagine how the people who have been at the receiving end felt about it. One loud, bold You The A**hole for each of them.

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