It’s cold outside and inside your heart. So I guess Aquarius season is here.

1. Mess with an Aquarius and they’ll literally disappear into space.

2. They’re smart and they love for more people to acknowledge that.

3. Aquarius’ default state: IDGAF

4. On the lazy Aquarius.

5. The well-known Aquarian ego though.

6. Sleep = the solution to everything

7. Because they’re totally dead inside.

8. Aquarians be like, hold my beer. I have some things to say.

9. Just don’t touch me okay.

10. Eccentric and proud.

11. They’re laziness times 10.

12. But when they get off their asses and go out, they’re the life of the party.

13. You’re just not smart enough.

14. Don’t argue with me, I’m the credible Hulk.

15. Can’t be an agony aunt.

16. Tell me about yourself… *listens for 2 hours*

17. Late-comer Aquarians assemble. Half an hour later.

18. Because Aquarians and emotions don’t go together.

19. Aquarians be like, “I’m too funny you won’t get it.”


Aquarians assemble.