All caps to match Aries passion.

1. Let’s start by complimenting the awesome Aries.

2. And talking about how super-duper outgoing they are.

3. Like you can’t cancel plans you’ve made with them.

4. Cause they’ll hold it against you.

5. If they’re angry DO NOT use the ‘C’ word.

6. The Aries enthusiasm peaks when starting something. But doesn’t last all along.

7. Did I mention how outgoing they are?

8. Those adorable goofballs though.

9. Aries are not great pep talks. They specialise in making things worse, though.

10. The Aries loves themselves a leeetul too much.

11. And they’ll stand firm about what they believe in. Some may call them a leeetul stubborn.

12. They love talking… about themselves.

13. But when it comes to apologies, don’t expect one anytime soon.

14. Before doing something to change it, they’d throw a super fit.

15. Impulsive, thy name is Aries.

16. Did I mention they love themselves?

17. Mildly buzzed Aries: Shot! Shot! Shot!

18. The Aries falls in love wayyyy to easily.

19. But they also love their friends with an intense unmatched passion.

And we love them in all their intense passionate glory.

Design Credits: Kumar Sonu