Whenever we talk about memories, we also tend to remember the places where they came to life. But when it comes to the really special ones, there is always an unlikely special place we always think about: our bathrooms. Don’t believe it? Well, these moments will give you a small reminder:

1. Practicing new dance moves in the privacy of your bathroom.

There’s a shower. There’s a mirror. Must. Practice. That. New. Dance. Move. Now.

2. And that time you slipped and hurt yourself while trying those new moves! 

But it was worth it… 

3. Scrolling through your Facebook feed and realizing that you forgot your friend’s birthday.


4. All those nights spent secretly talking to your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Because conversations in the bathroom are the most intimate. But sometimes, this may happen… 

5. That time you passed out on the bathroom floor after having one too many.

And no one came to your rescue for hours! 

6. That special moment when your father taught you how to shave your prepubescent stubble.

You can never really forget this bonding time with your father! Although you can’t say that about the aftershave, can you?

7. Smoking a cigarette on the sly.

Your bathroom is very likely where you secretly smoked the first few cigarettes of your life – naively believing that your parents won’t catch on to the smell if you leave the exhaust fan on long enough.

8. That moment in the shower when you had a freakin’ million dollar idea!

9. That time when your sibling locked you in the bathroom and you had to call your parents to rescue you.

10. And finally, letting those tears flow when your heart’s been broken.

Because nobody will interrupt and nobody will judge when you let out the waterworks and wail in agony over your shattered heart.

11. That moment when you practiced a speech with utmost dedication while having a shower.

“Friends, Romans, countrymen, faucets, mugs and showers. Lend me your ears.”

12. When you inquisitively read the entire shampoo label just because you forgot your phone outside.

Probably that’s the reason why you know that SLS stands for Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. 

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