We all do crazy things and while a little bit doesn’t hurt much, too much of it can be scary! And when it comes to countries that are known for being crazy, North Korea tops the list hands down! 

Wanna know why? Here’s a list of things you’ll probably end up reading twice because it is truly bizarre. 

1) Children work during the school day 


While there are those who are already at the work camps for their parents’ crimes, Yeah, you read that right! There are others who also forced to perform hard labor during school hours. Why? Because they are supposed to pay for everything they use, from chairs to tables to heating fuel and even building materials.

2) The head of the counrty is a dead man


North Korea is the only state in the world that has a unique form of rule: necrocracy. Kim Il-sung was posthumously declared the Eternal Leader. This means that Kim Jong-un bears the titles of the Supreme Leader but does not hold any presidential status. 

3) Kidnapped a director and his wife to get films made for the state


It is believed that a popular actress Choi Eun-hee and her then-husband, director Shin Sang-ok, were kidnapped and forced to make films for the state. North Korea has always denied this accusation. 

4) Citizens are not allowed a hot water bath at home


If you want a hot water bath, head to a public bath. So much for a relaxing hot water bath, huh?

5) Apparently, people have been executed for sleeping in morning meetings


It is believed that the North Korean defence minister was executed for falling asleep during one of Kim Jong-un’s meetings. 

6) In case of a fire, citizens are required to save photos of the Supreme Leader first


Apparently, in the event of a fire accidnet, the citizens are expected to secure photos of their Supreme leaders. After that, you can get to other things, such as your own life

7) International travel is not allowed


And, this is not because travel is expensive, but because it is forbidden! Certain travel restrictions apply with the country too and one needs to seek prior permission. 

8) Condoms? Nope, they don’t have that there/


It is believed that half the country doesn’t even know that condoms exist. And the same applies to sanitary hygiene products for women. Most of these women end up using regular fabric, which they reuse after washing.   

9) Shhhhh..visitors are not allowed to mingle with locals !


Even if you make it inside the country, you will still need special permission to mingle with the locals. So much for wanderlust, eh?  

10) South and North Korea’s Volume-War


For several years, North Korea described the delights of living there on a loudspeaker. South Korea responded by blasting K-Rock but eventually, the volume got unbearable for all things human, and both of them silenced their radios on mutual consent. 

11) North Korean calendar is based on its founder’s date of birth


North Korean calendar or the Juche calendar starts on the day of President Kim Il Sung’s birth –April 16th, 1912. This means that 2020 in Pyongyang is just 109, get it?

12) Elections with only one candidate to choose from

People aged 17 or older wait in long queues just to put a ballot paper in the box. There are no options so no ticking or selection required! 

Bet now you love your own country more than ever, right?